Preferred Partnership Program



Preffered Partnership Program

Let’s face it, roofing contractors are unaware of the profitability in Paintless Dent Repair also known as (PDR) so they avoid looking for hail-damaged vehicles when they’re out knocking for roofs. Plus, they haven’t had a reputable PDR shop offer them a generous referral fee for each car they refer. So, easy low hanging fruit is literally left in the driveway. Here are the top reasons why you should join HAIL PRO PDR’S Partnership Program.


1) Separate Claims – Naturally, when your roofers go out door knocking for roofs, they’re looking to get the roof but never go after the vehicles. But in order to get the roof, the roofer must gain the customer’s trust. Every roofing contract signed is based on “trust”. So once a roofer has gained a homeowner’s trust and gotten them to sign a contract to fix their roof, they now have that homeowners trust to help them with their hail damaged vehicles. Believe it or not, homeowners have hail damaged vehicles they need help with as well, but because their vehicle is on a separate claim, the roofing salesman doesn’t ask or address the issue. This is where you’ll reap the benefits of the HAIL PRO PDR Partnership Program.


2) PDR Repair – is a highly skilled trade​ with huge profit margins. Because we don’t have the huge overhead cost as the big body shops, we can pay the customer’s deductibles, provide them with a free rental car, and wash & detail their vehicle free of charge. Our repair process is much faster than the big body shops because we aim to save all the hail damaged panels of the vehicle. Our average turnaround time is 5 – 7 business days!


3) Referral Commission – ​In the Hail Restoration business, everyone relies on referrals. But if you were to refer a contractor to your siding guy for instance, your siding guy isn’t going to pay you a referral fee on every siding job you refer them. This is where the HAIL PRO PDR Partnership Program is different, we offer you a 20% – 25% commission on every vehicle you refer to us which is based off the Total Cost of Repair. You then can split the commissions with your sales guys as you wish. With our partnership program, ​we pay on average $1000-$1500 per vehicle​ based on monthly volume.


4) Customer Awareness – Think about how many customer’s vehicles were affected by hail damage last year, yet no salesman knocked on their door offering to help them with their vehicles. So, the customer ends up calling in a separate claim for their vehicle which can be a major hassle. Then their insurance company tells them about three large body shops they work with, so the customer calls these body shops and are told they will have to drop their vehicle off and leave it for a month.

Smaller shops like us don’t advertise much and customers have no idea they could get their vehicle in within the next week and repaired for $0 out of pocket cost. And that’s why this is also a great winter supplement to your roofing business. We perform the work in a heated shop so we aren’t weather dependent, and if you sign up for the partnership program your roofers can go back and call all their past roofing customers and now offer a solution for their hail damaged vehicles. So instead of winter being slow, it can be the best time to fill that gap by focusing on hail damaged vehicles.


5) Conclusion – Based on the factors above, you can see how the HAIL PRO PDR Partnership Program ​can add an additional revenue stream for your business with almost no extra effort, and absolutely no cost to you or the customer ever. Also, we provide you with as much marketing material and contracts as you would like free of charge. Here’s how easy the program works-Your salesman pitches the HAIL PRO Partnership Program to every homeowner with a hail damaged vehicle, regardless of whether they get the roofing contract, or the customer goes with someone else. The customer can still take advantage of the partnership program and you can still make money.

All the customer must do is call our shop directly and one of our employees schedules a time for your customer to bring their vehicle in. When your customer drops off their vehicle, one of our employees will drive them to the rental car place and put them in a rental car. No rental car cost to the customer or you ever. If the customer has rental car coverage on their insurance policy, we put the car under their insurance, if the customer doesn’t have rental car coverage, we eat the rental car fees.

The HAIL PRO PDR Partnership Program guarantees there will be no fees or costs to the customer or you ever. Once the vehicle is completed within 5 – 7 business days and all payments for the claim have been received, we pay you for that vehicle. So, imagine if your roofer spends an extra 30 seconds telling each customer about our partnership program and the customer decides to repair their vehicle with us, the money and opportunities are endless!